The Austin Big 7     (Current restoration photos updated 10th October 2005)Restoration on Hold until Spring 2006

Can you help with ....Spares, Patterns, Photographs or Answer my questions?

Below pictures taken on the 26th August 2005, fifteen years later when car arrived in Danbury.


The History

Originally bourght the car 24th July 1990. The car was stripped down in the early days, then suspended from the garage roof in Coventry....for many years under the pretense that restoration was in hand. When the house / garage was sold, the main components were bolted back together and the car moved to another garage in Coventry. More years passed and then as part of my big plan for 2005 the car was dumpted on the driveway in Danbury, so I could not ignore it and had to finish it off. Unfortunately the garage in Danbury is 'chock a block' and the car would have to be restored and stored on the driveway under canvas. This does not please the wife, but it will not get done if it's stored in another remote garage. Let's hope the weather holds out, or as an old friend would say..."maybe the old God of Drag Racing will smile down on me, there again maybe not".