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To her family Bello-Fabio
Giuseppe Casablanca 1968 Giuseppe Casablanca
Rosa Bello 1971 Rosa Bello
Lisa Chiara Casablanca-Bello 2000 Lisa Chiara Casablanca-Bello
Lorenzo Casablanca-Bello 2003 Lorenzo Casablanca-Bello

1997 in Switzerland


Married 1997 Switzerland


Live in Bern Switzerland.

Giuseppe Casablanca

Giuseppe Casablanca May 2008 in Switzerland

Known as Pippo
Born 1968
Interests Football
Information Data communications Engineer for a major Swiss National.


Rosa Bello

Rosa Bello May 2008 in Switzerland

Known as Rosa
Born 1971 Bern Switzerland.
Interests One of the best cousins and the one who should be writing this family tree.
Information Works in Zurich as a translator


Lisa Chiara Casablanca-Bello

Lisa Chiara Casablanca-Bello January 2008 in Switzerland

Known as Lisa
Born 2000 Bern Switzerland.


Lorenzo Casablanca-Bello

Lisa Chiara Casablanca-Bello  January 2008 in Switzerland

Known as Lorenzo
Born 2003 Bern Switzerland

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 Casablanca-Bello - Lisa & Lorenzo photos (2004)


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