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Cecere-Coronata To his family
Vincenzo Cecere+ 190x Vincenzo Cecere+
Anna Maturana 190x Anna Maturana
Antonia Cecere 1923 Antonia Cecere
Teresa Cecere 1929 Teresa Cecere


Married Married in Vietri First wife was Cecilia which had the 2 children. She died of???


Vincenzo Cecere+

Known as x
Born 190x Vietri
Interests Died in Vietri
Information Farmer


Anna Maturana

Known as x
Born 190x Polla - 1980 Vietri
Interests x
Information Farmer


Antonia Cecere

Known as x
Born 1923 Vietri
Interests In Salerno
Information Housewife


Teresa Cecere

Known as x
Born 1929 Vietri
Interests Currently lives in Argentina
Information Flower seller



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