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Cossu-Rillo To his family
Giancarlo Cossu 1961 Giancarlo Cossu
Julie Newbury 1959 Julie Newbury
Sophia Cossu 1985 Sophia Cossu
Piero Cossu 1988 Piero Cossu
Giancarlo Cossu Jnr 1996 Giancarlo Cossu Jnr

Giancarlo Cossu

Giancarlo Cossu 2002 Statford upon Avon England.

Known as John
Born 1961 Coventry England.
Interests Dreams about owning a ferarri again!
Information Running his own second hand car dealership


Julie Newbury

Julie Newbury May 2007 at home in Whetstone Leicestershire England.

Known as Julie
Born 1959
Interests Cooking, music & gardening.
Information Part time housewife & office skivvy.


Sophia Cossu

Sophia Cossu In Italy

Known as Sophie
Born 1985
Interests Fashion, travelling, David Beckham & Fabio Cannavaro
Information BA Honors in fashion design.


Piero Cossu

Piero Cossu 2002 Statford upon Avon England.

Known as Piero
Born 1988
Interests Football, music and sports in general
Information Working for a well known bank.


Giancarlo Cossu Jnr

Giancarlo Cossu Jnr May 2007 at Home

Known as Carlo
Born 1996
Interests Car's and football. Supports Chelsea and Italy.
Information Starts at St Pauls secondary school.



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