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Fabio-Di_Marco To his family
Gerardo Fabio2* 1955 Gerardo Fabio
Ernestina Melillo 1952 Ernestina Melillo
Merola-Fabio 1982 Delia Fabio
Alessandra Fabio 1983 Alessandra Fabio
Tamara Dzeravianka 1984 Tamara Dzeravianka


Married Italy a church in Materdomini, due to the local church being demolished from the the Earthquakes in 1981.

The family live in Caposelle Southern Italy.

Gerardo Fabio

Gerardo Fabio 1997 in Switzerland.

Known as Gerardo
Born 1955 Caposele Italy.
Interests Football, old motor bike and his fathers Fiat 600.
Information Councellor of Caposele Community


Ernestina Melillo

Ernestina Melillo August 2003 Italy

Known as Ernestina
Born 1952 Caposele, Italy
Information Teacher in a Caposele school.


Alessandra Fabio

Alessandra Fabio August 2003 Italy

Known as Allessandra
Born 1983 Oliveto Citra, salerno Italy
Information Studying Language at Siena University


Tamara Dzeravianka

Tamara Dzeravianka August 2006 Italy

Known as Tamara
Born 1984 Borisov in Belarus
Information Stayed with Gerardo and Ernestina and was addopetd in March 1995. Tamara has compleated a diploma in Accounting and is now working as a shop assistant in Lione Itlay.



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