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Fabio-Cossu To his family  
Francesco Piero Fabio 1982 Francesco Piero Fabio
Ivana Vacca 1981 Ivana Vacca
Viola Marlene Fabio 2016 Viola Marlene Fabio

Ivana & Francesco March 2016 in front of the alter at Coventry Old Cathedral.

Francesco Piero Fabio

Francesco Piero Fabio 2002 Statford upon Avon England.

Known as Francolosco
Born 1982 Vietri Di Potenza Italy.
Interests Rock and roll exspecially Hard Rock and the band Queen. He's moved on to other bands and interests now.
Information Francesco has gained his degree in International diplomatic relationsat the University Orientale in Naples. Currently working is Naples awaiting the opertunity to become a diplomat.


Ivana Vacca

Ivana Vacca March 2016 in  Coventry.

Known as Ivana
Born 1981 Naples, Italy


Viola Marlene Fabio

Viola Marlene Fabio Just Born in Naples, Italy

Known as Viola
Born 1:43pm 3rd December 2016 in Naples, Italy



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