Family NamesNombres de familia * Nomi di famiglia * Uzvards

To her family Steinbergs-Kalnina
Roland Flanigan 1948 Roland Flanigan
Velta Steinberg 1949 Velta Steinberg
Olson-Flanigan 1968 Kimberley Flannigan
Timothy Flanigan 1969 Timothy Flanigan
Thomas Flanigan 1971 Thomas Flanigan
Gallagher-Flanigan 1977 Tiffany Flanigan

Flanigan-Steinberg 2005 in Iowa

Married 1983 Hely in Alaska and currently living in Deton Michigan.Roland and Velta live in Haines Alaska. The children are from Roland's side of the family and now there are four grandchildren.


Roland Flanigan

Known as Griz
Born 1948 Haines In Alaska.
Interests Fishing
Information Currently working in house remodeling in Michigan


Velta Steinberg

Known as Velta
Born 1949 Germany
Interests Very artistic
Information Currently working pharmacy and stained glass work


Timothy Flanigan

Known as Tim
Born 1969
Interests x
Information Living in Michigan USA. Unfortunately suffers from MS


Thomas Flanigan

Known as Tom
Born 1971
Interests x
Information Ex services medic, now internship in Detroit Hospital.



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