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Joseph Henry Francis+ 1887 Joseph Henry Francis +
Beatrice Ellen Robbins+ 1896 Beatrice Ellen Robbins +
Sarling-1 192x Arthur Ernest Sarling +
Peter Henry Francis+ 1922 Peter Henry Francis +
John Joseph Francis+ 1928 John Joseph Francis +
Jacques-Francis 1932 Vera Minnie Francis

Francis-Robbins  Joseph and Beatrice on the beach at Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk England in 1947
Married They were married in West Ham Register Office in 1921 August in Essex England.

After the first world war, they bothe lived at the Paebody Buildings (Bethnal Green, London) until approx 1928. Both Arthur and Peter were born there. William Joseph Francis Sarling was Beatrice first husband who died in the "Flu epidemic". He worked as a Stoker R.G.P.F in a large munitions factory.  They were married in Waltham Holy Cross parish church in 1919 and lived at 64 Woolland Street Waltham Abbey England. Beatrice then married Joseph and they lived at 77 Mayfield Road Dagenham Essex England and 37 Prospect Road Woodford Green Essex England. John was born in a hospital near Bow, London and Vera at Chittis Lane.

Joseph Henry Francis +

Joseph Henry Francis+ Date unknown.

Known as Joe & Tengo
Born 1887 July 7th in Grove Road Woodford Essex England and died 1948 December 1 Oldchurch Road (or perhaps Oldchurch Hospital Romford). In !911, before he was married, he lived at 1 Ray Lodge Road, off Snakes Lane in Woodford Green with just his father and brother John.
Interests Gardening & horse racing form.
Information Worked as a Railway Checker and/or a Railway Porter. He like to gamble, but it was illegal at the time, so bets were made by a "runner" (the children) for his code name "Foggabolla".
In the 1911 census his occupation was recorded as a "Carman".
1914 September 7th enlisted in the army, 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers (No 5/15061) at Stratford London.
1918 June 1st left his posting at Armagh to attend Ulster V Hospital.At the time he was living at 22 Meadow Lane, Portadown Co Armagh.
1918 October 6th was admitted to FreshamHall Millitary Hospital.
1919 July 31st.discharged from the Army.
1922 february 13th was awarded the Victory Medal.


Beatrice Ellen Robbins +

Beatrice Ellen Robbins+ Unknown date.

Known as Beat
Born 1896 January 18th Ilford in Redbridge, London and died in Oldchurch Hospital, Romford, Essex, England in 1973 January 3rd.
Interests Cinema 3 times a week and general housewife duties.
Information Worked at an Enfiled, London Munitions factory as a shelf stacker. Met her first husband "Joseph Francis Sarling" there. After he died, met her second husband "Joseph Henry Francis" on a train to Woodford.


Peter Henry Francis +

Peter Henry Francis+ 1939 Early stages of the Air Raid Shelter construction in the back garden at home.

Known as Peter
Born 7th or 9th July 1922 Peabody Buildings, Bethnal Green, London and died on the 17th September1943 off the coast of Salerno Italy.
Interests Training to be an Electrician but called up for war duty.
Information Born at 43 Prospect Road Woodford Green Essex England. Died during the battle of Salerno in the second world war. He was serving as an Able Seaman on HMS Warspite .(Service Number: P/JX321282) I have located the Casualty form provided by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


John Joseph Francis +

John Joseph Francis+ 1947 at home.

Known as John
Born 1928 in a hospital near Bow (Bow Bells) in London England. Died in 1988 England.
Interests passion for reading.. Love to make and repair things.
Information Started as a motor mechanic. Then spent 10 years in the air force. Came out in 1956/7.




Francis-Robbins John + Joseph + Vera John + Peter + Beatrice Joseph + Vera + Beatrice + John Vera + John + Beatrice
 Joseph and Beatrice
on the beach at Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, England 1947


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