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To her family Steinbergs-Gibson
Karlis Gailis 1914 Karlis Gailis +
Nelija Steinbergs+ 1926 Nelija Steinbergs +
Grosmanis-Gailis 1948 Ruta Gaile
Ofkants-Gaile 1952 Liga Gaile
Kudins-Gaile 1954 Dace Gaile


Married 1947 in a church in Tukums Latvia


They lived on the farm.

Karlis Gailis +

Karlis Gailis+

Known as Vectetins
Born 1914 Tukums Latvia to 2000 at home in Ruada Latvia.
Interests Horses and gardening. One of Russian army's victims. At the end of war was sent to Siberia. Kindest people in the family. He was deeply in love with Nellija.
Information Farmer


Nelija Steinbergs +

Nelija Steinbergs+

Known as Nela
Born 1926 to 1997 Latvia
Interests House-keeping and gardening. One of twins with the other sister named Lucija.
Information Housewife



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