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To her family Gailis-Steinbergs
Mariss Grosmanis 1947 Mariss Grosmanis
Ruta Gaile 1948 Ruta Gaile
Grosmanis-1 1972 Leo Grosmanis
Sadvoskis-Grosmane 1974 Vineta Grosmane
Dace Grosmane 1980 Dace Grosmane


Married 1969 on Fathers farm in Tukums Latvia.


Living in Ventspils Latvia. They have a dog named Tedis.

Mariss Grosmanis

Mariss Grosmanis 2001 on the farm

Known as Mariss
Born 1947 Latvia
Interests Farming in Ventspils region 'Zaz'. Tractors and the love of his farm and tractors. Mariss had a lucky escape when he fell from the roof of the sauna he was building. He fell a few metres and badly damaged his back. After some months of rest... he is back to his usual self.
Information Lattelekom state purchaser


Ruta Gaile

Ruta Gaile 2001 on the farm.

Known as Ruth
Born 1948 Latvia
Interests Cooking and gardening especially mushrooms.
Information Lattelekom technical centre's chief.


Dace Grosmane

Dace Grosmane 2005 Ventspils Latvia.

Known as Dace
Born 1980 Ventspils Latvia
Interests Athletics - driving - travel. Dace enjoys competing at international running events.
Information Now in the Real Estate business with her boyfriend Agnis



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