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  To her family Cecere-Fabio
Salvatore Iacovelli 1962 Salvatore Iacovelli +
Lucia Cecere 1967 Lucia Cecere
Jessica Iacovelli 1992 Jessica Iacovelli

Married Both live and work in Rome


Salvatore Iacovelli +

Salvatore Iacovelli at Nicola's Wedding in Vietri di Potenza June 2005

Known as Salvatore
Birth - Death 1962 Vietri di Potenza, Italy - 2016 Rome, Italy
Interests Coin collecting
Information Works as a police man in Rome


Lucia Cecere

Lucia Cecere  At Nicola's wedding June 2005

Known as Lucia
Born 1967 Vietri di Potenza, Italy.
Information Works as a credit controller.


Jessica Iacovelli

Jessica Iacovelli At Nicola's wedding June 2005

Known as Jessica
Born 1992 Rome Italy.
Interests School work
Information At School



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