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Edward Albert Jacques+ 1902 Edward Albert Jacques +
Lillian Crisp 1908 Lillian Crisp +
Jacques-Francis 1930 Albert Edward Jacques +
Lucas-Jacques 1931 Lillian Jacques +
Ronald G Jacques 1934 Ronald G Jacques +
Derek Jacques 1935 Derek Jacques +
Duck-Jacques 1936 Jean Jacques
Dewar-Jacques 1940 Beryl Anne Jacques +


Married 7th September 1929 at St Davids church in the parish of  Islington, London England.
Witnesses were A.J. Jacques, George Crisp & Florence Owen.


Edward Albert Jacques +

Known as Bert
Born 1902 Ilford Essex England.
Interests Old time dancing in them days. White gloves etc.
Information London Underground Train Driver.
Railway porter and living  at 48 Westbourne Road N7 London on marriage certificate.


Lillian Crisp +

Known as Lilly
Born 1908
Interests Dancing
Information Part time cleaner in a hospital.
Spinster and living at 74 Wellington Road N7 London on the marriage certificate.


Ronald G Jacques +

Known as  
Born & Died 1934 Romford Essex England.
Information  Possibly died at birth.


Derek Jacques +

Known as  
Born & Died 1935 Romford Essex England.
Information Possibly died at birth.












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