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To her family Strukis-Steinbergs
Mairis Ozolins 1982 Mairis Ozolins
Dagnija Strucka 1984 Dagnija Strucka
Estere Ozolina 2005 Estere Ozolina

Ozolins-StruckisPhoto from Mairis June 2006

Married May 2005 in Tukuma region Latvia, and living in Vane, a small village 40km from Tukums.

Mairis Ozolins

Mairis OzolinsPhoto from Mairis June 2006

Known as Mairis
Born 1982 Latvia
Interests x
Information x


Dagnija Strucka

Dagnija Strucka Photo from Mairis June 2006
Known as x
Born 1984 Latvia
Interests Studying at Kudigas Profession School to be a conductor.
Information x


Estere Ozolina

Estere OzolinaPhoto from Mairis June 2006

Known as Essis
Born 2005 April 19th in Latvia
Interests Toys
Information None



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