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Pantalena-Simone To his family To her family Pucciarelli-Mignola
Domenico Pantalena 184x Domenico Pantalena +
Angela Pucciarelli 185x Angela Pucciarelli +
Daniele Giovanni Pantalena 1883 Daniele Giovanni Pantalena +
Teresa Maria Pantalena 1885 Teresa Maria Pantalena +
Macellaro-Pantalena 1888 Teresa Maria Carmela Pantalena +
Pascaretta-Pantelena 1890 Carmela Pantalena +
Daniele Giovanni Pantalena 1893 Daniele Giovanni Pantalena +
Franco Pantalena 1895 Francesco Pantalena +
Fabio-Pantalena 1899 Luigia Pantalena +

Married 9th April 1882 Caggiano, Campania, Italy.

Domenico Pantalena +

Domenico Pantalena Date unknown

Known as Domenico
Born 5th November 1844 Vietri di Potenza Italy
Information Farmer


Angela Pucciarelli +

Angela Puciarella+ Date unknown

Known as Angela
Born 185x in Caggiano, died In Vietri di Potenza Italy.
Information Turner beore she married then housewife / farmer


Daniele Giovanni Pantalena +


Known as Daniele
Born 22nd July 1883 Vietri di Potenza, Italy - 2nd December 1887 Vietri di Potenza, Italy
Information Presumed he died young


Teresa Maria Pantalena +


Known as Maria
Born 23rd September1885 Vietri di Potenza, Italy - 30th november 1887 Vietri di Potenza, Italy


Daniele Giovanni Pantalena +

Daniele Pantalena 

Known as Daniele
Born 25th February 1893 Vietri di Potenza, Italy - 9th March 1919 Buffalo, New York, USA
Information Left Naples Port on a ship called Palermo and arrived at New York. 
Single and worked as a labourer in the USA to support his parents.
Drafted into the American Army in 1917.

Daniele Pantalena+   Daniele Pantalena+

Francesco Pantalena +

Known as  Francesco
Born 9th November 1895 Vietri di Potenza, Italy - 19th August 1917 Monte Cicerale, Campania, Italy
Information Died while serving in the army.











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