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Presti-Fabio To his family  
Vincenzo Presti 1966 Vincenzo Presti
Rocio Bustamante 1977 Rocio Bustamante


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Married 2019 Catholic Church, Parrita, Costa Rica


Vincenzo Presti

Vincenzo Presti 2005 at Elissia Christening

Known as Cenz
Born 1966 Coventry, England
Interests Couple of houses, couple of cars, just enjoying the bachelors life until he got married.
InformationStarted off as a TV engineer. Emigrated to Italy to run his own repair business in the 80's. Returned to England after certain situations with the local politicians. Now working as a manager for a national air conditioning company in Birmingham.


Rocio Bustamante

Rocio Bustamante  in Costa Rica.

Known as Rocio
Born 1977 Costa Rica
InformationTeacher in Costa Rica












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