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To her family Fabio-Pantalena
Antonio Presti 1932 Antonio Presti +
Filomena Fabio1* 1938 Filomena Fabio
Pitta-Presti 1962 Antonetta Presti
Presti-Bustamante 1966 Vincenzo Presti
Presti-Eccles 1972 Felice Presti

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Married Holy Family Church Coventry England. They moved into Hollis Road, Coventry England.

Antonio Presti +

Antonio Presti 1997 At Rosetta's wedding in Switzerland.

Known as Toni
Born 1932 Favara Agrigento Sicily. Died in 2008 Vietri di Potenza Italy
Interests Loved to Reminisce about his life in Belgium and Canada.

Due to labour depression after WW2, Antonio emigrated to Belgium at the age of 16. He lived and worked in Belgium for approx 1.5 to 2 years, then with a friend took passage on a ship to New York, USA. They stayed there a while, then went up to Canada living and working in Winnipeg, Montreal, Ontario and San Scatuan. After 9 years Antonio took passage on a ship to Southampton, England then onto Coventry, England where he made his homein 1961. During his life in Coventry, he tried a few skilled occupations, tiller, cobbler, builder, welder but settled on becoming the local Ice Cream Man. (Tony's Ice Cream).  He suffered from Alzheimer’s in the last couple of years and died peacefully at his daughter’s home in Vietri.


Filomena Fabio

Filomena Fabio  May 2007 at Home

Known as Lilly
Born 1938 Vietri Di Potenza Italy.
Interests Cooking
Information Housewife. Migrated originally from Vietri after the 2nd world war. Currently living in Coventry England, and always helping out with the grandchildren.

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