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Robbins-Staff To his family
Leonard Robbins+ 189x Leonard Robbins +
Mabel Greening+ 189x Mabel Greening +
Josephine Robbins 191x Josephine Robbins
Christine Robbins 191x Christine Robbins

Leonard Robbins +

Known as Len
Born 189x
Interests Motor bikes and camping
Information After the forces worked at the "Kape Asbestos" factory in Barking / Ilford


Mabel Greening +

Known as Mabel
Born 189x
Interests unknown
Information Housewife


Josephine Robbins

Known as Josephine
Born 191x
Interests unknown
Information Married Twice. Husband may of gone to prison.


Christine Robbins

Known as Christine
Born 191x
Interests unknown
Information Married once



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