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To her family Staff-Linsell
Arthur Robbins1 187x Arthur Robbins +
Ellen Louisa Staff+ 1876 Ellen Louisa Staff +
Arthur Robbins2 189x Arthur Robbins +
Em Robbins+ 189x Em Robbins +
Robbins-1 189x Harold Robbins +
Robbins-2 189x Ernest Robbins +
Francis-Robbins 1896 Beatrice Ellen Robbins +
Lyons-Robbins 189x Florence Robbins +
Robbins-Greening 189x Leonard Robbins +

Arthur Robbins +

Arthur Robbins 1 1947 at Great Yarmouth England.

Known as Robbie or Richard
Born 187x
Interests Gardening. Country man type person.
Information Started work as an Electrical Engineer and moved on to become foreman in Public Lighting for the local council.


Ellen Louisa Staff+

Ellen Louisa Staff  

Known as Ella
Born Born on 25th December 1876 in Collier-Row Essex England. Died at 77 Mayfield Road in Dagenham Essex England. Died 1959 May 27th
Interests Market gardening.
Information In service for an unknown period.


Arthur Robbins +

Known as Arthur
Born 189x London England. Died 17th February 1917 in France durring WW1..... see CWCG Casualty Details
Burried at the Regina Trench Cemetery in Grandcourt, France. (Grave IV.G.10)....see CWCG Certificate
Information Corporal in the 23rd Battalion of the Royay Fusiliers (Service number 1985).
Fought in the battle of the Somme in July and August 1916



Em Robbins+

Known as Em
Born 189x


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