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Sadovskis-Rudzite To his family
Valdis Sadovskis 1964 Valdis Sadovskis
Olga Lagzdina 1967 Olga Lagzdina
Viktorija  Lagzdina 1985 Viktorija Lagzdina
Kristine Sadovska 1988 Kristine Sadovska
Eriks Sadovskis 1991 Eriks Sadovskis


Married 1998 in Skrunda Latvia.


Valdis Sadovskis

Known as Valdis
Born 1964 Latvia
Interests He has a vodka bottle collection.
Information Cook by trade. Has turned his hand to building work.


Olga Lagzdina

Known as Olga
Born 1967 Latvia
Interests Smoking and drinking coffee TV an so on (according to Vineta).
Information Housewife. Just finished working in Italy for 5 months.


Viktorija Lagzdina

Viktorija  Lagzdina May 2003 in Latvia

Known as Vika
Born 1985 Skrunda in Latvia.
Interests Pop music and fashion.
Information This is Valdis stepdaughter. Currently attending a secondary school.


Kristine Sadovska

Kristine Sadovska May 2003 in Latvia

Known as x
Born 1988 Skrunda in Latvia.
Interests Popmusic and fashion. Just like her sister.
Information Also attending secondary school.


Eriks Sadovskis

Eriks Sadovskis May 2003 in Latvia

Known as Non
Born 1991 Skrunda in Latvia.
Interests Little cars sweets and games.
Information Attending local primary school.



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