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Andris Vilnis Sadovskis 1938 Andris Vilnis Sadovskis
Aina Rudzite 19xx Aina Rudzite
Sadovskis-Lagzdina 1964 Valdis Sadovskis
Sadovskis-Grosmane 1975 Martins Sadovskis


Married 1963 Skrunda - Latvia


Andris Vilnis Sadovskis

Andris Vilnis Sadovskis 2001

Known as Andja
Born 1938 Ezere Saldus Latvia
Interests Collecting old money - antiques - old bibles - and old books. Researching Latvian modern day history.
Information Ranki Borough Councillor. Semi-retired.


Aina Rudzite

Aina Rudzite Ventspils Latvia 2005

Known as Aina
Born 19xx
Information Housewife and Grandmother



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