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Steinbergs-Gibson To his family To her family Fabio-Pantalena
Valdemars Fricis Steinbergs+ 1922 Valdemars Fricis Steinbergs+
Donata Fabio 1928 Donata Fabio
Steinbergs-Dennis 1958 Gerardo Gustavs Steinbergs
Steinbergs-Jacques 1959 Charles Oswald Steinbergs

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Married 1958 at St Osburgs Church Coventry England.
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After they were married they lived at 52 Browning Road in Coventry untill 1960. Donata still lives in Coventry.

Valdemars Fricis Steinbergs+

Valdemars Fricis Steinbergs.....see album 1970'ish Coventry England

Known as Walter
Born and Died 1922 Apsuciems, Milzkalnes, Tukums, Latvia to 1975 Coventry, England
Interests Motorbikes, cars, walking & wildlife.
Information In his younger days worked as a fisherman and on the family farm.
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Lived with his family in Coventry and worked at the local mines - Binley and Newdigate. Spent most of his time with his painting / decorating business and keeping his old Ford mk1 Cortina running. On April the 1st his close friend Gustavs Buss (George) who stayed at the family home had a stroke. This upset Valdemars immensley. He died a few days later of a heart attach due to the stress of the situation. Gustavs remained in hospital and died a couple of weeks later.


Donata Fabio

Donata Fabio.....see album May 2007  at Home Coventry England

Known as Dina
Born 1928 Vietri-di-Potenza Italy
Interests Cooking - Gardening - moaning - etc
Information Housewife
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