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Steinbergs-1 To his family
Augusts Steinbergs+ 1901 Augusts Steinbergs+
Elfrieda Gibson+ 1900 Elfrieda Gibson+
Steinbergs-Kalnina 1920 August Steinbergs+
Steinbergs-Fabio 1922 Valdemars Fricis Steinbergs+
Steinbergs-Kalnina 1924 Arnolds Steinbergs+
Gailis-Steinbergs 1926 Nelija Steinberga+
Vanags-Steinbergs 1926 Lucija Steinberga+
Brahmanis-Steinbergs 1927 Emma Alvine Steinberga
Rekis-Steinbergs 1929 Olga Steinberga+
Apinis-Steinbergs 1935 Arija Steinberga

Steinbergs-Gibson Wedding At August wedding at the Kalnins farm in 1947.

Married 1922 Apsuciems Tukums Latvia

Elfrida had Finnish or English heritage. There is confusion over Sons Valdemars and Augusts date of births. We believe that Valdemars lied to get into the army earlier or maybe it was Arnolds.. Augusts and Elfrida lived 15 km from Tukums yards away from the Baltic sea

Augusts Steinbergs+

Augusts Steinbergs+ Latvia


Known as Augusts
Born and Died 1901 to 1986 Apsuciems, Milzkalnes, Tukums, Latvia
Interests unknown
Information Fisherman.


Elfrieda Gibson+

Elfrieda Gibson+ on 80th Birthday


Known as Elfrieda
Born 1900 Finland or England to 1991 Tukums Latvia
Interests unknown
Information Fish Curer (Fish Smoker)

Surname could be Gibson or Gipson etc.


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