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Steinbergs-Gibson To his family
Arnolds Steinbergs+ 1924 Arnolds Steinbergs+
Dzidra Kalnina 1937 Dzidra Kalnina
Opolinkis-Steinbergs 1947 Dzintra Steinberga
Struckis-Steinbergs 1959 Sarmite Steinberga
Steinbergs-Krumins 1960 Juris Steinbergs
Ignats-Steinbergs 1970 Antra Steinberga



Married 1958 Latvia and Live on a farm in Apsuciems Latvia.

Dzintra was a daughter from his first wife. She was also a singer on Latvian TV.



Arnolds Steinbergs+

Arnolds Steinbergs

Known as Arnolds
Born 1924 Latvia to 1996 Latvia
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Dzidra Kalnina

Dzidra Kalnina May-01

Known as Dzidra
Born 1937 Latvia
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