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Steinbergs-Kalnins To his family  
Arthur August Steinberg 1962 Arthur August Steinberg
Caroll Pepper 1961 Caroll Pepper
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Steinberg-Pepper. Living together


Arthur August Steinberg

Arthur August Steinberg ART...For art sake.

Known as Art
Born 1962 USA
Interests Fishing, fishing and more fishing. And some hunting.
Information Working as a welder to support his fishing habit. Art is an anti-establishmentarianism, getting back to free nature type of person.


Caroll Pepper

Caroll Pepper October 2005 At Alda and Bob's house.

Known as Caroll
Born 1961 USA
Interests Fishing and hunting.
Information Woring as a Nurse in a nursinghome



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2005 October - Art's place in Iowa USA


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