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Steinbergs from Kuldiga To his family  
Viktors Steinbergs 1952 Viktors Steinbergs
Stanislava Zalima 1956 Stanislava Zalima (Žaļima)
Dzintars Steinbergs 1976 Dzintars Steinbergs
Janis Steinbergs 1977 Janis Steinbergs
Gints Steinbergs 1981 Gints Steinbergs


Married Currently living in Kuldiga Latvia.


Viktors is descended from another Steinbergs family.

Viktors Steinbergs


Janis Viktors
Born 1952 Alsunga village in Kuldiga, Latvia
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Stanislava Zalima


Known as Stanislava
Born 1956 Siberia Russia.
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Information Stanislava was one in a family of ten children from Lithuanian descent.


Dzintars Steinbergs


Known as Dzintars
Born 1976  in Kuldiga, Latvia
Interests ?
Information Viktors is not married, and works in Ireland for a builder. He now is now back in Latvia and is thinking of not going back to Ireland.


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