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To her family Steinbergs-Kalnina
Janis Strukis 1957 Janis Struckis
Sarmite Steinberga 1959 Sarmite Steinberga
Ozolins-Struka 1984 Dagnija Strucka
Ilva Strucka 1986 Ilva Strucka
Simona Struka 1988 Simona Strucka
Arnis Strukis 1990 Arnis Struckis


Married Latvia. They have 2 cows - a calf - a bull - chickens - rabbits - 3 cats and 2 big dog's.


Janis Struckis

Janis Struckis

Known as Janis
Born 1957 Latvia
Interests In spare time building a Bathhouse.
Information Working on the farm


Sarmite Steinberga

Sarmite Steinberga Tukums May 2001

Known as Sarmite
Born 1959
Interests The farm
Information Working on the farm


Ilva Strucka

Ilva Struka May 2001 Tukums

Known as Ilvinja
Born 1986 Latvia
Interests Gardening 
Information One more year at elementary school then she will go to Eugures High School. Best friend is named Sarmite.

Now studying at Bulduru Horticultural Secondary School form rate 2 in Jurmula, Currently in her final year to become a Gardener. Ilva likes this proffesion and hopes to find a good Job. Mabe Ilva will continue her  studies and go on to Latvia Agricultural University.


Simona Strucka

Simona Strucka From 2006

Known as Sima
Born 1988 Latvia
Interests x
Information x


Arnis Struckis

Known as Arnis
Born 1990 Latvia
Interests Girls, life life & life!
Information Studying at Smärde Måcos


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