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To her family Steinbergs-Kalnina
Mathew Wallman 1964 Mathew Wallman
Connie Mia Steinberg 1966 Connie Mia Steinberg
Owen Jacob Wallman 2001 Owen Jacob Wallman


Married 1998 Eurika Arkinsaw USA. They have lived in Alaska, Texas Alaska.


Living in Charlotte North Carolina USA.

Mathew Wallman

Known as Matt
Born 1964
Interests Church and soccer gardening golf  softball baseball
Information Sales for Fritolay


Connie Mia Steinberg

Connie Mia Steinberg 1996 in Alda's back yard Des Moines Iowa USA.

Known as Connie
Born 1966
Interests Church and soccer quilts gardening golf
Information Took a degree in grapic design. Teaches at a pre-school to look after owen.


Owen Jacob Wallman

Known as Owen
Born 2001
Interests Plays golf and soccer and ride's his electric jeep
Information x



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