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Jeremiah Wooltorton 1821 Jeremiah Wooltorton +
Harriet Kerry 1825 Harriet Kerry +
Wooltorton-1 1847 James Wooltorton +
Pike-Wooltorton 1848 Harriet Elizabeth Wooltorton +
George Wooltorton 1851 George Wooltorton +
Wooltorton-2 1853 Henry Wooltorton +
Wooltorton-Quickenden 1856 Charles Wooltorton +
Frederick Wright 1 1858 Frederick Wooltorton +
Wooltorton-Wright 2 1861 William Jeremiah Wooltorton +
Browne-Reeve 1818 Phoebe Reeve +

Married 1844 Jermiah married Harriet Kerry in the Ongar parish, Essex England.

1872 Jeramiah married Phebe Reeve in the Stepney parish, Essex England. Jeremiah and Phoebe were recorded as living together with Charles, Frederick and William in the 1871 census. Phebe Reeve was previously married to a Mr Browne.

Jeremiah Wooltorton +


Known as Jeremiah
Born 1821 in Denton, Norfolk England and died 1895 in Ongar parish, Essex England.
Information  He worked as a servant and Farmer. Jeremiah was listed as a farmer in the 1874 'Post Office Directory' in Stondon Massey, Essex England.


Harriet Kerry +

Known as Harriet
Born 1825 Depwade parish, Norfolk England


George Wooltorton +


Known as George
Born 1851 Hackney parish, London England



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