Jacques Family History         (updated 24th May 2007)

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190? Albert Jacques.......... married a .........190? Lillian Crisp

(Both families are believed to be from North London. Albert may have been or Edward. Surname of Lillian is believed to be Crisp.
The children were born in Holloway, London. They lived in what sounds like Lowrey or Laury Road, Holloway, but these roads don’t exist.
The father and son may of had the same names with the son calling himself Al so as not to conflict with his father's name.)

        They had 4 children:

193x Lillian Jacques  -  193x Jean Jacques  -  1940 Beryl Jacques  -  193x Albert Jacques

(Albert may have been Al, Bert or Edward)

Beryl Jacques........ married a ...........193x James Dewer

(James died in 2002. They had no children.)

Albert Jacques........ married a ...........1932 Vera Minnie Francis

(Albert died in the 60's and was cremated at South end on Sea. They had one child. )