Valdemars Fricis Steinbergs History


Notes from diary, other documents and research information  (last update on 23rd May 2007)

18/11/1918   The independent State of Latvia was proclaimed in Riga.
1920 - 1921   The peace treaty was signed between Latvia and Soviet Russia. Latvia was recognized de jure by Western powers.
14/10/1922 Born in Apsuciems, Milzkalnes, Tukums, Latvia
17/06/1940   Riga was occupied by the Soviet Army and the Soviet regime was established.
14/06/1941   The first mass deportation of the Latvian population to Siberia in Russia.
01/07/1941   Riga was occupied by the German troops.
03/07/1944   Attended brother August wedding at the Kalnins Farm in Skopis Tukums Latvia.
13/10/1944   Riga was recaptured by the Soviet troops and the Soviet regime was re-established.
20/10/1944   Left Berzciems (57.2463889 x 23.1736111 or 57 14' 47N x 23 10' 25E)
22/10/1944   Went to live in forest
11/11/1944   Left forest and was arrested
12/11/1944   Was put in Tukums Jail

Transferred from Tukums to Ventspils jail.

03/12/1944   Embark on a ship in Ventspils harbour.
07/12/1944 Disembark Gotenhafen (Gdynia) harbour in Poland.
09/12/1944   Enrolled in army
11/12/1944   Enrolled in 3rd regiment 11th company, in Dulgima    (is the correct spelling)
25/12/1944   Depart for Mojamoronku    (maybe..Najamouku Mojambi)
30/01/1945   Depart for Kushinu
01/02/1945   Depart for Rieavu
14/02/1945   Depart for Lerminu
24/02/1945   Depart for Pudjaku, near Stetin.
(Was Stetin, Germany…  now called Szczecin after the war when it was returned to Poland).
01/03/1945   Depart for Alfleju
01/04/1945   Depart for Nolinu
11/04/1945   Depart for Stetin
(Was Stetin, Germany…  now called Szczecin after the war when it was returned to Poland).
18/04/1945   Depart for Hinteni
23/04/1945   Depart for Lininu
25/04/1945 Retreating to reach allied troops, Meklenburg durfa
03/05/1945   POW Meklenburg (X:1275000 m Y:7100000 m 53:48:41N, 11:27:13E) 20km south of Wismar.
06/05/1945   POW Vilenborga  (maybe….VIENENBURG, VIENENBURG, 38690 -VILLENBERG), ALTENA, 58762 
08/05/1945   End of War in Europe
27/05/1945   Depart for Nojgamby
03/08/1945   Depart Nojgamby
05/08/1945   Disembark Putlos, near Oldenburg (54.203848 north 10.85603 east)
05/09/1945   Depart Putlos for POW camp in Belgium



Cedelheim Camp 2227




Other Camps

Arrive Cedelheim (Zedelghem) Lager 2227 Belgium POW camp B.A.O.R


Camp 2227 Viena Ciena

Camp 2227 Ugunskura Dzirkstis

Camp 2227 Mes Mugrism

 Viena Diena Publication Ugunskura Dzirkstis Mes Mugrism

Camp 2226 photograph

Camp 2226 photograph

Camp 2228 photograph

Camp 2226 Photograph Camp 2226 Photograph Camp 2228 Photograph

Others known to be held at the camp:
Janis Rucels (Riga, Latvia - England _ Toronto, Canada)
Aleksandrs Tomass (Jelgava, Latvia - Germany - England - Sydney, Australia)
Arvids Skurbe (Dzukste, Latvia - Manchester, England)

21/05/1946   Dischaged from army by English Captain D.M.Grant.
Depart Cedelheim for Germany
27/05/1946 Arrive Latvian  DP (Displaced Persons) camp Hallendorf Lager 8/10 near Brunschweig(50km SW of Wolfsburg, Germany and close to Burgdorf a few miles from Salzgitter. Estimated location 52.14577 North - 10.21805 East)
25/02/1947   Issued PWX/DP registration / Identity Card


09/11/1947   Accepted as suitable for employment in the Great Britain by the Ministry of Labour and National Service.
15/11/1947   Medically certified to work in Great Britain  Ministry of Labour and National Service.
29/03/1947   Pass issued to 28/04/1947


Personal Effects taken to England

  Depart Hallendorf, Germany.


17/11/1947   Arrive Hagen
19/11/1947   Depart Hagen
19/11/1947   Arrive Monster (near Hook of Holland)
29/11/1947   Depart Monster for England (Possibly on the Arnhem ferry 1947-1969 Harwich to Hook of Holland)

                   LNER Arnhem

30/11/1947 Arrive England
01/12/1947   Disembark Harwich
01/12/1947   Depart from London
01/12/1947   Arrive Full Sutton , East York.
02/12/1947   Registered at E.V.W Camp Full Sutton , East York (ID issued at Pocklington E.Yorkshire)


03/12/1947   Stamped paid 1shilling East Riding Constabulary Pocklington East Yorkshire.
16/12/1947   Depart Full Sutton
16/12/1947   Arrive Great Yarley nr Walsall.
16/12/1947   Written ID RA at E.V.W.hostel Ladywood.
19/12/1947   Stamped ID at East Riding constabulary.
21/01/1948   Stamped ID at Staffordshire Police at Cannock.
13/02/1948   Stamped ID at Staffordshire Police at Cannock.




Oakdale Mining Training Centre


Stamped ID at Monmouthshire Tredegar Police. RA at the (ARTC) Hostel Oakdale Blackwood. Attended the training centre at Oakdale and received a weekly wage of 100 shillings with deductions of 10 shillings for Income tax and 2 shillings / ten pennies for National Insurance.

Oakdale Training Centre Huts

Training Arrangements Information Sheets - front

Training Arrangements Information Sheets - back

Training Camp Huts 1946

Training Arrangements front

Training Arrangements back






Blackwood mine in 1907



  Depart for Mining Centre, Blackwood Monmouthshire.

Blackwood Mine in 1907                                 Blackwood Mine in 1907

06/03/1948   Depart for miners Hostel Bryncethin nr Bridgeend.


Bryncethin Miners Hostel

  Stamped ID Bryncethin stayin at Bryncethin hostel.

With the end of hostilities, and demobilisation from the Armed Forces being imminent, the District Recruiting Board was confronted with the problem of finding premises suitable as a Police Residential Training Centre capable of accommodating approximately one hundred and fifty pupils. After viewing numerous premises the Board was able, with the co-operation of the Home Office, to secure the use of the Bevin Hostel for Miners Bryncethin, which provided the accommodation needed for the immediate post-war training of new entrants into the Police Service.


07/03/1948   Written ID Aberkenfig Glamorgan Reported arrival at the Miners Hotel.

Penllwyngwent Colliery, Wyndham, Bridgend Glamorgan Wales UK

  Started below ground training at Penllwyngwent mine

Penllwyngwent Mine

A drift mine working Steam coal, Penllwyngwent Colliery was opened by the Cory Brothers in 1906 and employed 558 men just prior to Nationalisation in 1947. The mine was closed by the National Coal Board in 1969. Large tips remained on the hillside above the colliery, with parts burning internally for many years. The tips have now been incorporated into a landfill site. Map Reference: 5136'34"N , 332'25"W

31/07/1948   Completed below ground training at Penllwyngwent mine
1949   The 2nd mass deportation of the of the Latvian population to Siberia in Russia.
10/06/1950   Written ID, Aberkenfig Glamorgan, Departed for Wyken Hostel, Belgrade Road, Coventry.


Wyken Hoste, Belgrave Road Coventry England

  Stamped ID at Coventry Police Aliens Dept. Arrived and staying at the Wyken Hostel.

Wyken Hostel in 2000                                  Wyken Hostel in 2000

27/08/1951   Stamped ID at Coventry Police Aliens Dept.
25/10/1951 Stamped ID at Dover England. This was probably a motorcycle trip to Belgium with friends.
23/11/1954   Issued Latvian Passport

Latvian Passport issued in England.

18/12/1954 After a bad motorcycle accident, remained at the Warwickshire's miners convalescent Home, Durlston Court, Swanage Dorset England to recover.

Home address was 29 Browning Road, Coventry England. Was staying at Janis Rutins house until he married.

12/12/1955   Stamped ID Coventry Police Aliens Dept. Living at  64 Jackers Road, Coventry England.

52 Browning Road


Stamped ID Coventry Police Aliens Dept. Living at 52 Browning Road, 52 Browning Rd mid 80'sCoventry England.

05/07/1958   Married Donata Fabio at St Osburgs Church. (Stamped ID Coventry Police Aliens Dept.)

1960   Alien Order stopped
07/08/1964 Family holiday to Italy in the old Morris Minor.  Dover  and Calais passport stamp.
05/09/1964 Great Saint Bernard Switzerland passport stamp.
07/09/1964 Dover passport stamp
03/08/1966 Family holiday to Italy in the new Mk1 Cortina. Dover & Calais passport stamp
24/08/1966 Switzerland passport stamp.
26/08/1966 Calais & Dover passport stamp
28/11/1974 to
  On 14/11/2005 found diary on the inside pages of what appeared to be the day book for the decorating business. It contain almost daily entries until a couple of days before he died. It has yet to be translated which will be difficult as the Latvian spelling is uncontrolled since leaving school, English and Anglo-Latvian words are used.
05/04/1975   Died at home in 62 Bigginhall Crescent, Coventry England
1988   The start of the 3rd national awakening to restore the independence of Latvia.
04/05/1990   The Declaration "On the Restoration of the Independence of Latvia" was adopted.
21/08/1991   Latvia declared itself an independent democratic state.


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